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Back to School Spending Stats

Parents of students know summer ends with the added expense of back-to-school shopping. Here’s how to survive this unavoidable annual ritual while keeping your expenses down.

  • Buy computers with lower speeds and less storage. Higher levels of speed and space cost more and are more likely to be beneficial for gaming than for school research.

  • Shop at dollar stores for everyday items including writing instruments, binders and paper.

  • Kids lose things, including laptops and smartphones, so insure them against loss and other damage.

  • Textbooks are expensive, particularly those needed in college. Save lots of money by buying used, renting, borrowing or downloading e-books.

  • Accept hand-me-downs. If your kids have to wear uniforms and they’re the same as used ones in good shape, choose the less-costly used option.

  • Shop in bulk. Team up with family, friends and neighbors to buy common school supplies in bulk.

  • Wait for sales. If you can hold off, you may find better prices on electronics and clothing during the holidays than in the back-to-school sales season, when retailers figure they have you cornered.


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