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"We can't direct the wind,

                           but we can adjust the sails."

                                                                -Thomas S. Monson


The financial advisors at Archambo Financial Advisors have been providing financial planning and advisory services successfully since 1987. The advisors at Archambo Financial Advisors have a combined experience of over 80 years in the financial services industry. 

Being long-time Bartlesville residents, we are active in various capacities with church and community affairs, many in leadership positions. Archambo Financial Advisors is strongly committed to the Bartlesville economy and we have made a significant investment in the 

downtown district. 


But what really tells the story of Archambo Financial Advisors and who we are is our clients. The advisors at Archambo Financial Advisors have assisted hundreds of clients throughout the years to set financial goals, implement financial plans and monitor progress toward those goals and objectives. Our commitment is to work with you in reaching those financial goals.


Many believe that you must utilize a "big name" investment firm to get sound financial advice. We don't believe that is true. Modern technology has leveled the playing field to enable smaller firms to offer the same services and expertise as the "big names." Archambo Financial Advisors is more than just an investment firm. Although investment management is an important part of what we provide, our advisory services encompass all areas of your financial life. You deserve personal attention and an objective voice of reason when making financial decisions. 


The degrees, licenses and professional designations are important in assessing our competence, but Archambo Financial Advisors feels that these are the minimum for entry into our profession and are the foundation for our lifetime of learning. The financial services landscape has changed drastically and will continue to change as the years go by. Archambo Financial Advisors has committed itself to a continuous and ongoing learning process that includes attendance at local, state and national industry events. By making this commitment, we feel we bring the best advice and wisdom to you, our client.


Experience cannot be taught. It comes from years of providing services to many clients. Wisdom, as well as knowledge, is gained through experience. Wisdom comes from going through the good and the bad times in economic cycles and learning how to deal with them. The advisors at Archambo Financial Advisors have been providing financial advisory services in Bartlesville and the surrounding communities for many years. We have our finger on the pulse of where you live, work and play. This gives you confidence in knowing that we can use our experience to help you accomplish your financial goals.

“Experience cannot be taught. It comes from 

years of providing services to many clients.” 


Personal service is founded on personal relationships. Your financial advisor and the staff should know you personally and they should pay attention to the details. This may just mean returning phone calls promptly or making sure your requests are given the utmost attention and follow-through. It may mean remembering your birthday. It means meeting with you behind closed doors for your privacy. It means being accessible when you need us. It means caring about you and your needs. It means treating you with respect. It means meeting your requests and anticipating your needs. That is our commitment to you, our client. 

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